A Flood Safe Future 4 Natomas

Funding a flood safe future by investing in leeves and lift pumps, for lives and longevity within the Natomas Basin

A Flood-Safe Future 4 Natomas

Funding a Flood-Safe future by investing in leeves and lift pumps, for lives and longevity within the Natomas Basin

Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Stormwater Service Fee

A Public Hearing on a proposed RD 1000 Stormwater Service Fee will be held on March 10 at 8 a.m. at the District Offices, located at 1633 Garden Highway, Sacramento, California, pursuant to Proposition 218.

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Facing Flood Facts

Natomas Has Been Identified As One Of The Greatest Flood Risks In The United States

NO. 1 – New Orleans
NO. 2 – Sacramento Co. /Natomas

RD1000 has learned from the mistakes of New Orleans, which rebuilt its levees after Hurricane Katrina – but failed to upgrade pumps, drainage systems, back-up power supplies and other infrastructure needs. Hurricane Ida’s damage in 2021 exposed the failures of New Orleans to fully protect itself.

Failure to invest in flood protection infrastructure could result in untold millions of dollars in property and economic damage to region and state.
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A New Approach For Funding A Flood-Safe Future

Unlike a lot of government projects, the community can see what the funding will be used for — fixing tangible problems with pumps, pipes, backup power, monitoring systems, and other infrastructure needs.

Our Commitment to Natomas 

  • Fully Transparent & Collaborative Process
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Fairness in Fees & Assessments
  • Flood-Safe Future
  • Face to Face Forums
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October of 2020

Board adopts Capital Improvement Plan Update

The Capital Improvement Plan Update (2020 CIP) identified and prioritized capital assets and projects that are necessary to meet the District’s mission statement and goals of continuously providing protection to the Natomas Basin in a strategic and efficient manner.

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January of 2021

Board Adopts Phase 1.0 of Comprehensive Financial Plan

Reclamation District No. 1000 (District) retained NBS to prepare a Comprehensive Financial Plan that includes all revenue sources, expenditures, reserves, capital improvement costs, repair and replacement costs, and net revenue requirements.  Phase 1.0  addressed the following issues:

1.  The development of net revenue requirements from FY 2021/22 to FY 2040/41.
2. The establishment and maintenance of reserve funds and targets.
3. The funding of the District’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

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December of 2021

Board Adopted Phase 2.1 of the Comprehensive Financial Plan

The potential funding alternatives evaluated were as follows:

Alternative 2 - Full CIP with no Bond Financing
Alternative 3 - Full CIP with no Bond Financing & Reserve Spend Down
Alternative 1 - Full CIP with Bond Financing

The District instructed NBS to utilize Alternative 3 as the basis for Phase 2.1.

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Phase 2.1 provided a recommendation and preliminary rate modeling required to fund the District's annual operations, maintenance, and capital improvements as identified in the previously prepared Financial Plan Phase 1.0. The report also discusses the relative strengths and weaknesses of potential funding solutions.

May 2022

Phase 2.2 Technical Memorandum Presented To Board Of Trustees

The Phase 2.2 Tech Memo was provided to the Board of Trustees as a prelude to the Rate Study Justification Report (Rate Study) which is currently underway. The Rate Study will provide the underlying basis, justification, and final calculation of proposed rates. The results of the Rate Study are anticipated to be completed in Fall 2022.

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September 9, 2022 through
November 18, 2022

Draft Fee Study Report available for public comment

Public comment period for RD1000’s draft fee study open from Sept. 9 through November 18

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Catastrophic Combination

“The Perfect Storm”

lack of funding + deferred maintenance + population growth = Catastrophic Combination

30 Years of Static Funding

The District has not updated service charges since 1992.

Deferred Infrastrucure Maintenance

  • “Run to Failure”
  • “Beyond Useful Life”
  • “Inefficient & Costly”
  • “Single Point of Failure”
  • “Risky Reliability”
  • “Duct Tape & Barbed Wire”

Natomas Population Growth

There were only a few subdivisions and office parks when RD1000 last raised fees.

Now, with a population of 120,000 +, Natomas is a major suburb for families and business.

That growth has been accommodated by new roads, schools, homes, apartments, office buildings, public services and parks. But the flood protection service has been frozen in place. 

Funding Flood Safety Fairly

A new approach for lives and longevity

1. Fiscally Responsible Future

  • Identification of Current & Future Infrastructure Investment
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Closing the Funding Gap

2. Fairness in Fees & Assessments

  • Bifurcation of Essential Functions and Related Costs of Service

Learn More About Our New Approach

Infographic: Storm Water Service Fees reflect Services Recieved

How you can be involved

Natomas is your neighborhood. Your place of business. You deserve the best flood protection available. But we need you to spread the word about the problem and the need to fund a solution.

Tell your neighbors

While RD1000 will be engaged in an active public education, nothing is more effective than word-of-mouth and social media.

Here are some ways you can help spread the word.

Invite us to your next community meeting

It is our commitment to conduct an ongoing series of community meetings, forums and other outreach to make sure all are informed and have the opportunity to provide input.

Please sign up for RD1000 alerts so we can notify you about upcoming meetings and provide you with the latest information.

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